What is the story behind We Play Equal?

Almost every young girl and woman is exposed to social discrimination in different socio-economic areas or suffers the effects of inequality in forms of domestic violence, sexual harassment or violence throughout their lives.

37% of women in Turkey state that they are exposed to gender inequality expresses at least one form

and this statistics continues to increase alarmingly over the years. Moreover, these trends increase significantly during times of crisis, for example, during the period of COVID-19, domestic violence increased by about 30% in most countries.

With our “We Play Equal” project, we aim to fight against domestic violence and sexual harassment against women by raising awareness, stimulating the drive to take collective action and igniting cultural change.

We aim to use sports as a tool for this goal that we hope to achieve by educating both genders together. Starting with young people, we aim to break stereotypical gender judgments in our project by providing equal conditions for both genders in the field of sports and by training sports coaches on how to change the discriminatory behavior of adolescents.

For this realistic and achievable goal, we aim to reach young people from a wide range of segments and use the social transformative power of sports as a tool to counter the problem of violence against women in homes, schools and workplaces. Moreover, we aim to inspire cultural change in gender equality by transforming into a multi-stakeholder platform, not limited to sports.

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We Play Equal

We Play Equal is a project that aims to educate adolescents on gender equity through digital campaigns and train the trainer workshops by using the social transformative power of sports to fight against prevention of sexual and gender-based violence.

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