Activity Areas

Mobilization through Online Campaigns

With large-scale digital social campaigns, we will mobilize individuals from all walks of life to take action to stop gender-based violence with a call to “Play Equal”. We will ensure the growth of this movement by making a joint call for action and cooperation. We believe that the attitude and behavior change we will create with our project will create a positive social impact against gender inequality in our country in the long run.

Sports Based Train the Trainer Workshops*

We will train sports trainers who, beyond training athletes, are often taken as role models by adolescents. We will train sports coaches and trainers on gender equality and equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to train the adolescents. With the ‘train the trainer approach, we aim to reach young people (between the ages of 10 and 24 by WHO definition) who are much more likely to accept positive social norms. Our goal is to train at least 1,000 trainers and reach 100,000 adolescents.

*We received support from the experienced trainers and academicians of “Bağ Etkileşimli Öğrenme Derneği” for the training contents and trainers of the We Play Equal workshops.

Multi-Stakeholder Platform

By not only staying limited to the sports industry but by using sports as a social transformative tool, “We Play Equal” project will be positioned as a multi-stakeholder platform by bringing together stakeholders from all industries (private sector, public, academia, civil society, local, government, social enterprise) into cooperation and action against sexual and gender-based violence and positioning them as stakeholders.

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We Play Equal

We Play Equal is a project that aims to educate adolescents on gender equity through digital campaigns and train the trainer workshops by using the social transformative power of sports to fight against prevention of sexual and gender-based violence.

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